history of storm wines


What started as a personal quest

has become the heart of Storm Wines

Early in his career, Ernst worked alongside his brother Hannes, who is also a winemaker. The projects on which they consulted pushed Ernst to think about winemaking in a way that would reflect on his passion for creative, smaller production, location-focused wines. After leaving South Africa and pursuing his career in California, his ideas began to take shape, and the foundation for Storm Wines was formed.

Through several fall harvests and spring rains, Ernst grew his ideas and connections until, in 2006, he landed an opportunity to buy grapes from Jim Clendenen’s Le Bon Climat Vineyard—producing the first wine to be bottled under the Storm name.

Rooted in the hills of Santa Barbara County, Storm Wines emphasizes old world influences and new world techniques. The Mediterranean climate, diverse soils, and exciting new opportunities in this budding Central Coast wine region have combined to drive Ernst’s passion for producing his wine. You’re invited to experience the unique personality of both vintage and site in Storm Wines.