Our goal is to source fruit from vineyards that have mesoclimates and soils with the potential to produce fruit with exceptional balance and depth. My role, as winemaker is simply to guide the grapes to best represent the terroir of each site. This is done with acute direction and skillful execution in both the vineyard and the winery. We work with small lots to maintain complete control over the quality and to employ thoughtful winemaking at every step.

Our wines are truly handcrafted using a combination of Old and New World winemaking techniques. From being present while picking the grapes in the early morning hours, to basket pressing, to only using gravity on the red wines. Fining and filtration is only done when necessary and on white wines. Thus, making sure our wines express the unique qualities our fruit embodies due to its local environment.

At Storm Wines our intention is to create balanced wines that have poise and elegance with underlying structure. Ultimately our goal is to create those wines that can be enjoyed with family, friends and great cuisine.